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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yahoooooooo! It's finally time for me to say something. Well I'm quite of sad because no body give comments to me. Please give some comment. Okay, here is it. Today (11/June/2008), I gave my blog to almost everyone even my Malay Teacher. Today I also worked hard because they said that the Minister of Education will come to my school. So, me, Wheng Thong( if wrong please forgive), Soon Yuen and many other pupils like Gary, Eric, and they all actually we all worked for the teacher by helping them clean their room, place and many other places. Wow, I felt very tired after that. I thought I have lost 10kg!!! Just kidding, it is not easy to lose fat but it is easy to gain fat. What? I've type so long? Sorry, time for the COMMENT(S)!!!!


Dexter007 said...

wow, it is great fun!

boey_foong said...